Action Department at the Department of Space, Brokers sitting outside the ARTO Offices, Major Stampede



Rajiv Chawla / Lokjan Today / Rudrapur, Udhamsinghnagar

Rudrapur After openly disclosing corruption in the ARTO office Rudrapur, Lokjan Today had seen a clear picture of public, administration and governance. After all, the ARTO office in Ralpur is stranded in Chalan of Dallo and no work is done without the broker,

After this, ARTO Sandeep Saini formed a team under his leadership and conducted searches in the possession of the vehicles in the vehicles outside the RTO Rudrapur office in possession of the vehicles, in which several important departmental documents were received which took possession of 4 vehicles. In which the laptop, printer, application form of the driving license of the ARTO office, many licenses, speed governor as well as many important The document is handled,

In this case, ARTO Sandeep Saini said that the documents received from the recovered cars are being examined and after which advance action will be taken.

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