American ambassador inspected the Women Hospital of Haridwar, appreciating Mother’s Safety Guarantee Scheme


Lokjan Today: Tanuja Walia: Haridwar Ambassador Kenneth I Justar lauded the plans of the health department. It is important to guarantee safe motherhood. He wanted to know from the department’s hopes, ANM, etc. whether the information about health services is reaching the common people and the children. Asha said awareness has increased with information on plans over time. Asha Savita of Brahmapuri Haridwar told that she is made aware of keeping the vaccination at the time as well as giving information about the plans of the department by regular checking of the nurses.

After this, the US Ambassador also saw the Sick New Barn Care Unit. The CMO said that with the cooperation of the US, the growth plan has been operating for a year. In it, every Monday, in respect of investigators, They are given postpartum and post-natal health services. Advance OT and Labor Room are available. Delivery figures are being shown through the online display. Information about RCH facilities is also being provided to the nurses through message etc. The American ambassador after women hospital went off to the specialty.

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