Best Places To Visit in Nainital – Tourists Guide 2020-21

Best Places To Visit in Nainital

The view of mother nature is always the best when it comes to a hill station. So I am going to drag you to one of the most beautiful, fresh, and exciting places which are also known as the ‘Lake District’ of India. Thinking which place that is? None other than our Nainital in Uttarakhand. This top places to visit in Nainital will be a hot soup in the middle of a winter walk. Visiting Naini lake and Bhimtal will also create an excellent pleasant memory when you visit here because all these places are unique and beautiful. Let’s know about some best places to visit in Nainital or near Bhimtal lake.

Are you a foodie or love to travel like me? Then come on, let’s pack your things and enjoy some best places in Nainital to trip because you will find everything delicious there, starting from sweet (starters) to a spicy dish. Rather than visiting this Nainital for nature view, or Pahado wali Maggi, you can also visit many top places for food, culture, and those historical temples near Nainital.

Naini Lake Jheel
Naini Lake (Jheel) is one of these best places to visit in Nainital

Let’s know some best places to visit in Nainital but first we must know its meaning:

Something that you might not know about the city name Nainital is that ‘Naini’ means eye and ‘Tal’ means lake.

Nainital Lake (Naini Jheel) & Prime Visiting Places

Nainital is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India famous for its weather, temperature, lake view, and snowfall; which is surrounded by three mountains, and it is situated by a lake called ‘Naini Tal’. Those beautiful mountains and crystal clear sparkles of water will add immense beauty to the town. The dazzling sea and sun-kissed mountain make the naini lake into bright silver. This lake has a lot of good vibes makes you feel like heaven, it’s the hotspot place in the Nainital city, boating in Nainital lake is one of the best activities that you would ever do because that is really fabulous as well as worth the money.

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Boating at naini jheel Nainital Lake
Boating at naini jheel – Nainital Lake

This lake is filled with beautiful fishes like carl’s mahseer and tor putitora which you must have seen this for the first time. The best way of reaching the snow viewpoint starts to form this lake. The aerial ropeway for snow viewpoint starts from Naini lake so that will be an extra spice for your ketchup.

Snow View Point in Nainital

Do you like a snowman? Wanna make of your own? Then this spot is the best for doing that. Like even I have a dream to build a snowman or to touch at least snow in my life, this the place where your dream will come true. Girls, this is the best part for you! Because you can even shop for your dresses and other things here. This snow viewpoint is best Nainital sightseeing located just near one of the most visited Nainital tourist places; the city center market.

Snow view point in Nainital
Snow view point – Himalaya Views

The most exciting part is that you can visit this snow view point through two alternative ways:-

  1. One is an aerial rope-way car.
  2. the other is roadways.

But I would prefer the ropeway because that will fulfill the tour because of the view. There are no entrance fees for this snow viewpoint because people often visit this place. However, the ropeway charges for a one side ticket to the Snow View Point are ₹80 for adults and ₹40 for kids, and similarly, for a two-way travel ticket, you will be charged ₹150 for adults and ₹75 for kids. The entry time is between 10:30 am to 5 pm.

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Shri Naina Devi Temple

Apart from sightseeing and resorts in Nainital, This temple certainly deserves a visit as it’s a part of the history of India because this is situated on a hilltop which is the samadhi of bhagat Jatt Jeona Morh. Two routes can reach this hilltop temple; one by road which will curve around the hills and another by footsteps way which is made of the concrete roadway. I think both approaches are really adventurous for visiting Naina Devi temple. I will suggest you via road because that will be a scenic way of visiting this temple.

Shri Naina Devi Temple in Nainital
Shri Naina Devi Temple in Mandir City

Real Story Behind Naina Devi Temple:

There is a story behind Shri Naina Devi Mandir; you might want to check. So the story goes like this: one boy named Gujjar Boy and he was grazing his cattle, and he saw a white cow showering milk for her on a stone. This happened for several days and after a few days, the boy had a dream of a goddess saying that it was her Pindi. So he told this story to the king, and even he saw cow pouring milk on that stone, after some days the king built a temple around the stone for the people to worship them. So you should visit Naina Devi temple if you have faith in God.

Nainital – The best of all tourist places & sightseeing

One of the biggest advantages that Nainital has is that its lesser-known hill stations. Those hill stations are connected through all the seasonal roads, which will be an extra note of fun on your scenic trip at Nainital. Even this city is mostly open for tourists and has the most beautiful view of Himalayan peaks on one side and plain spread land on the other, which will attract both adventurous and sober type of people. I hope that by now you started packing your dresses for your trip because there are many vantage tourist places around Nainital which will attract people from all the corners of this world, especially for sightseeing.

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Best Time And Season To Visit Nainital

People from every city & corner around the world wait for the best time to visit Nainital. The right time to see Nainital and tourist places nearby is all around the year. Still, if you love the winter season, then I would like to advise you to visit Nainital tourist places in winters to get top view of places like Bhimtal, Tiffin Top, Snow view point, Eco cave garden, The mall road, and many more! Because winters are the best time to visit Nainital for family and tourists.

Nainital in winters
Nainital in winter season

Top Most Places To Visit Near Nainital

College friends, newly married couples, and family come to visit these and many other top places near Nainital. Some of them are Bhimtal Lake, Lands End, Sattal, Kilbury Bird Sanctuary, St. John’s Church, and notably the Raj Bhawan – Governor’s house is a major attraction along with sightseeing and resorts in Nainital.

Just for those narrowed wooded lanes which will lead us to the forests which are filled with pine trees, oak trees, and deodar which are actually suitable for a short refreshing walk with your loved ones. The historical places in Nainital are still available for the visitors and the people and the government even properly manage them. All those old schools, old churches, and bungalows, including colonial vestiges, are still properly maintained. Now you know what makes this city special to travel for such best places to visit in Nainital.

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This Nainital – the city of lakes has separate fan followers because of this naturalistic feel that you get here. You need to visit this place at least for the fresh air that you breathe in. In Nainital, you will be able to live a happy and peaceful life that your ancestors must have lived. Because these tourist places will be such a real mother nature, so if you are a nature freak, then keep down the device in whichever you are reading this and pack your bags up as now you know the best time to visit Nainital and nearby places.

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