Big breaking! Tense hurricane disrupts family!


Lokjan Today: Tanuuj Walia : The Hurricane Strikes The Full Family
Suddenly in the late evening, the weather patterns changed suddenly in Haridwar. While there was intense heat due to sunlight during the day, due to the tremendous storm in the evening, the rain brought sudden change of weather in Haridwar due to the weather, which gave the people much relief from the heat but changing the other side was a poor farmer’s family The only thing that has been destroyed is the statement of Dada Jalalpur village of Bhagwanpur area, a thunderstorm hurricane storm had gone to cut wheat in a poor farmer’s farm, when the farmer Farmer Farhan, who was living in Dada Jalalpur village of Bhagwanpur area, got the news of farmer Farman as soon as he got the news of his son, after hearing this news, The son Tawfiq also got badly injured due to falling in a broken electric wire during his return, since there is an atmosphere of gum in the entire village


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