Big success with the capital police. Illegal liquor recovered.


Lokjan Today: Dehradun. After getting information of trafficking of illegal liquor for a long time, the Police Police conducted a checking campaign on the instructions of senior superintendent of police. In which 150 illegal liquor cartons was recovered illegally inside a vehicle.

Under the supervision of the Police Superintendent of Police, the police team accused Babu Ram S / 0 Narratu Ram R / O Harrawala Thana Doiwala Dehradun for Shiv Temple, * 150 bags of illegal English liquor * Along with the liquor smuggler Mai vehicle number Uk07CB 4267 was arrested with Tata 207. In this regard, the accused was registered against the accused in Raipur, under the Sue Crime No- 105/19 Section 60/72 (2) Excise Act *. The Hon’ble Court will be present in the prescribed time period.

The police team that carried the same operation included Chandrabhan Singh’s officer, In-charge Inspector Raipur, Senior Superintendent of Police Sanjay Mishra, Nomad Jagmohan Singh, Kodi Kamal, K. Brij Mohan Bhatt and others.

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