Breaking News: Medical college does not turn out, campus panic


Lokjan Today, Srinagar Garhwal: In the building of Srinagar Garhwal Medical College, on Sunday morning, the swirling bouquet has not come out yet. In such a case, students did not even have classes on Monday. At the same time, the entire campus has a fearful atmosphere. On Sunday, two security personnel and one employee were injured in Guldar’s attack. The whole night forest department and the police team stuck on the spot. The medical college is also closed due to swirling in college.

The crowd is gathering outside the college and the forest department is in search of Guldar in the college building.

It is noteworthy that in the main building of Srinagar-based Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali State Medical College in Pauri district, there was a stir in the main building of Guldar. Meanwhile, Guldar attacked an employee and two security personnel and injured him. The three are being treated at the base hospital. Dr. Chandramohan Singh Rawat, Principal of the Medical College said that a workshop was going on in the college when Swamy entered the building on Sunday morning. There were thirty doctors in it.

Meanwhile, when he heard the noise, he came to know that the bouquet was swollen in the premises. There was a stir in the college. Meanwhile Guldar attacked the pharmacology department employee Warveer Singh Rawat and Guldar attacked and disappeared in the corridor.

Meanwhile, the police and forest department team on the spot also reached the spot. The team started the search for Guldar by closing all the doors of the main building. After looking for two hours, the team started guessing that maybe the skirt ran away. Guldar attacked the security supervisor of the medical college, Anusuya Prasad Malsei, and security guard Ujgit Singh Bisht, near the microbiology department at around 1:30 in the afternoon. Both of these open rooms were closed. Somehow ran away to save both lives. After this the bouquet was not seen again.

Principal Dr. Rawat said that it is necessary to catch the henchmen. The campus also houses professors and employees. Grooms and Boys Hostel is near this building. On the other hand, Laxman Singh Rawat, Divisional Forest Officer said that there are problems in finding Guldar’s location. He said that the building of the Community Medicines and Pathology Department is also connected with the main building of Medical College. He told that the tranquilizer team is also present on the spot. He told that the situation will be over soon.

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