Corona: In Dehradun, the confirmed letter of patients has gone viral, created a stir, is true or faked, read …


Report By: Karan Sehgal

LokJan Today(Dehradun): A letter in Dehradun was stirred by a letter regarding coronavirus. it’s said to verify corona patients during a large private hospital within the city. By this afternoon, it started becoming viral on social media sort of a fire.
It happened that a letter from the top of Department of forensic pathology Department of Doon Medical College went viral as soon because the health department was stimulated. Rather, this letter also filled the fear among the folk.

In this letter, the principal has been sent a demand for masks, sanitizers, caps etc. during which the confirmation of coronavirus patients is additionally written during a private hospital. The letter states that patients during a renowned hospital in Dehradun are found to be affected by Coronavirus.

The letter went viral thanks to negligence

When the matter was discussed with Dr Ashutosh Saina, Principal of Doon Medical College, he called this letter negligent. it’s been said that the letter written by the top of the department confirming coronavirus patients is mistaken.

For this, a written explanation has been sought from the top of Department. the top of Department has admitted his mistake. the top of the department says that this patient is from elsewhere and he has mistakenly written so. He has also given a written apology.

Mayor Sunil Uniyal Gama held a gathering with the Health Department team in Dehradun Municipal Corporation thanks to Coronavirus. At an equivalent time, BJP has also cancelled all the programs of Holi within the state. This information was given by BJP spokesperson Devendra Bhasin.

Symptoms and methods of prevention

Symptoms of a coronavirus-infected patient
-The infected patient feels severe exhaustion.
-Muries have a severe cold.
– With a cough, phlegm comes out.
– feels like a wound in the throat.
– Headache with rapid fever.

How to rescue

– Avoid visiting crowded places.
– Drink more and more water. Keep a distance from a person suffering from cold, cough.
-Use a handkerchief when you cough and cough.
-When washing hands with soap several times a day, apply a sanitizer.

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