Exclusive! Collusion in liquor sale upsets liquor lovers


Lokjan Today: Rajeev Chawla: I will be shocked. One thing is to steal from the top of the table, yes, this is the same thing nowadays it is being applied to the salesmen of the liquor shop.
Another, where the prices of liquor are increasing every year in the state, the same is not taking at liquor shops.

The latest word is in the black market of Nainital district, where the customers and the salesmen have been frustrated over overwriting the prices of liquor.
Seeing the same ruckus, some people quieted the matter.

This is not the same as the Nainital district but the overtaking in the entire state is getting open, which also has information about Excise Department officials.
But despite the lakh complaints, the Excise Department has been silent, so that no department and liquor shop owners are showing the smell of collusion.



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