Exclusive! Raval Shivprakash Maharaj of Gangotri Dham reached Haridwar


Lokjan Today: Tanuj Walia: Haridwar: – Raval Shivprakash Maharaj of Gangotri Dham reached Haridwar.
Talks with journalists

Gangotri Dham kapat will open on May 7, on Akka Tertiya day.
From Mukhyamth to May 6 at 12:35 pm, Mother Ganga’s Doli will do Bhairav ​​valley for departure.

Four dham yatra will be started after the coup d’etat at 11:35 in the morning on 7th May.
According to the scriptures, the Rishikesh does not have to start the Chardham Yatra. Charhdham Yatra is started from Haridwar.

He said that according to the ancient tradition, on 6th day the main monastery which is called Siddha Kalin Mata of Mother Bhagwati, then the time of 12:35 on 6th day has come out, due to the fact that Gangaji’s doli was prepared by making a departure from the Bhairon valley. The night is in Bhairro valley and the next day, for Gangotri, the departure of Gangaji, the inauguration of the valves at 11:30 for all pilgrims.

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