Exclusive visuals! Tusker elephants chase the tourists!


Lokjan Today: – It is often seen that tourists like to visit Uttarakhand to visit the forest, but imagine if you get out of the jungle safari and suddenly Taskar Elephant comes in front of you and starts running behind you, then today we see the same video which you can predict, what can be done is the case. In Uttarakhand’s Ramnagar, tourists coming back from Sitavin zone roaming on thier gypsy were chased by Tusker elephants. On the scream of tourists, the driver saved the life of tourists by running the gypsy at a speeding pace. Bukhlaya Tusker damaged a bike on the road. The event is of Monday afternoon. Indeed, some tourists from Delhi went to Safari in the Seatawani Zone. They were returning after visiting the seacetown zone.

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