Have you seen the flying snake super exclusive video from Haridwar


Super Exclusive! Tanuj Walia: Lokjan Today: – Haridwar: –

Well, you have heard and seen about the common snake all the way but have you seen or heard the flying snake, which you heard the right, the flying snake that you have seen on the story or movie shoots, but this truth It is a flying snake that has a live view of it, the forest divisional area of ​​Haridwar, the person who saw this snake was shocked, whose suggestion was given to the forest department.

The snake is very different from the common snake, which flies in the air and becomes extremely poisonous. The name of this extremely poisonous snake is the teen cat which was found near the Haridwar district divisional ward office today, after which the forest department was stirred. This snake Only the information of the incident happened in the forest department, it was the only danger to everybody that it was not possible to attack it by attacking the snake and catching the snake. Let’s tell you that this special snake has the perfect ability to take life. This is the reason that the carefulness of catching the forest department has barely caught the snake and left it in a safe place but this The species of snake has been seen for the first time, which is also quite intimidating.

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