Lansdowne Tourist and Travel Guide 2020- Best Places & Time to Visit

Lansdowne Tourist and Travel Guide 2020- Best Places & Time to Visit

Known for its mesmerising natural beauty and scenic views, Lansdowne is a famous cantonment town situated in Pauri Garhwal District of Uttarakhand. If you have heard a lot about this place but never visited, here is the complete Lansdowne Tourist and Travel Guide 2020 for you.

Established by British in the 18th Century, the town is the perfect place for nature lovers and trekkers as you can sit peacefully there to enjoy scenic views, pleasant weather, beautiful sunset and adventurous treks amid Oaks and Pine forests.

Lansdowne Travel Guide 2020

Table of Content:

  1. Lansdowne Weather Conditions
  2. Best Time to Visit Lansdowne
  3. Best Places to Visit in Lansdowne
  4. Things to Do in Lansdowne
  5. How to Reach- Distance from Major Metro Cities

Lansdowne Tourist and Travel Guide 2020- Best Places & Time to Visit, Things to Do, Weather Conditions & How to Reach

Lansdowne Weather Conditions:

Famous for its beauty and pleasant weather, Lansdowne is a perfect place to enjoy your solitary and relax while enjoying nature. Here are the Landowne Weather Conditions in various seasons:

1) Summer in Lansdowne– In summers, Lansdowne becomes little Humid and Hot. Summer starts in Lansdowne from March and stays till June. The temperature during these months ranges between 15 to 30-degree Celcius in Lansdowne. With cold winds and lesser temperature than other states, the place is suitable to visit to explore the natural beauty.

2) Monsoon in Lansdowne– The monsoon starts in Lansdowne from June and remains till September. The town experience heavy shower which enhances the beauty of this place, making it worth to visit in this season.

3) Winters in Lansdowne– One of the perfect season to visit this place. Winters starts from late November and stays till February end in Lansdowne. The temperature ranges in Winters is between 0 to 24-degree Celcius. The place looks like heaven, covered with snow in winters and you cannot afford to miss its beauty in winters.

Snowfall in winters in Lansdowne
Lansdowne in Winters

Best Time to Visit Lansdowne

Every time is the best time to visit the heaven-like place, Lansdowne. The town doesn’t have many sights or adventurous places to offer. Still, you can surely enjoy the heavenly beautiful places and scenery available in Lansdowne with some amazing adventurous treks to enjoy.

You can visit this place anytime throughout the year to enjoy the scenic beauty. Still, Monsoon and Winters are the best time to visit Lansdowne, as the weather is charming and snow covers the beautiful Oak and Pine Forests to enhance the beauty of this place.

Best Places to Visit in Lansdowne- Major Attractions

Check which are the best places or major attractions to visit in Lansdowne in this complete Lansdowne Tourist and Travel Guide 2020.

Best Places to visit on lansdowne

List of Best Places/Major Attractions to Visit in Lansdowne:

Usually, tourists come to Lansdowne to relax and find inner peace while enjoying the mesmerising beauty of nature. Still, there are some best places/ major attractions to visit in Lansdowne and those are:

  1. Bhulla Tal Lake
  2. Tip-In-Top
  3. St. James’ Church
  4. Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple
  5. Snow View
  6. Reindeer Rock
  7. Lansdowne Market Road
  8. Garhwal Rifles Museum
  9. St. Mary’s Church
  10. Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple
  11. Santoshi Ma Temple

Things & Activities to Do in Lansdowne

Mostly people head to this place to enjoy nature, chill and relax, but apart from it, here are some best things to do in Lansdowne:

  • Bhulla Lake Boat Ride

Boating in Bhulla Taal Lansdowne

  • Jungle Safari in Lansdowne Forests
  • Camping at the Mountains
  • Trek at Snow Viewpoint
  • Tip and Top Hiking
  • Bhim Pakora Trek
  • Birdwatching to watch migrant birds
  • Temple Visits
  • Shopping at Lansdowne Market
  • Nature Walk
  • Museum Tour at Darwan Singh Sangrahalaya and Garhwal Rifles Museum
  • Church Visit
  • Enjoying wildlife at Kalagarh Tiger Reserve
  • Chill & Dine at Lansdowne Trip Travel Cafe

How to Reach Lansdowne?

How to Reach Lansdowne

Lansdowne is a well-connected town in Uttarakhand, and you can reach there by Road (Car), Buses and Train efficiently within 6-7 hours as per your convenience. Let’s check the distance to Lansdowne from these Major Cities:

Distance to Lansdowne from Major Cities

  1. Delhi To Lansdowne- 280 Kilometres
  2. Dehradun to Lansdowne- 174 Kilometres
  3. Chandigarh to Lansdowne- 313 Kilometres
  4. Nainital to Lansdowne- 227 Kilometres
  5. Shimla to Lansdowne- 402 Kilometres
  6. Haridwar to Lansdowne- 108 Kilometres
  7. Jaipur to Lansdowne- 520 Kilometres
  8. Almora to Lansdowne- 262 Kilometres
  9. Kotdwar to Lansdowne- 44 Kilometres
  10. Hyderabad to Lansdowne- 1704 Kilometres
  11. Mumbai to Lansdowne- 1650 Kilometres
  12. Chennai to Lansdowne- 2236 Kilometres
  13. Bangalore to Lansdowne- 2249 Kilometres
  14. Lucknow to Lansdowne- 510 Kilometres

Wrapping Up Lansdowne Tourist and Travel Guide 2020!

So, this was the complete Lansdowne Tourist and Travel Guide 2020 covering all the essential information like Best Places to Visit in Lansdowne, Best things to do in Lansdowne, Best Time to Visit Lansdowne, Weather Conditions of Lansdowne and How to reach Lansdowne. Uttarakhand is now reopened for tourists, and we will advise you to check the latest Covid Travel Guidelines before visiting Lansdowne to make plans with your gang. Travel Safely and Enjoy!

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