Mayor Demanding Bribe of 25 lacs, case field!

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Lokjan Today 

Case filed against Mayor for demanding bribe of Rs 25 lakh – Tahrir was given a day ago – Police started investigation..

Mayor of Roorkee Municipal Corporation, Gaurav Goel, abusing his position and demanding Rs 25 lakh for renewal of leased property, has been booked under section 385 of extortion against Mayor Gaurav Goyal late at night. and started the investigation of the matter.

Let us tell you that a day earlier, a person named Subodh Gupta had told the police that he had a leased property given by the Municipal Corporation in B.T.Ganj, whose lease had expired some time ago, which was to be renewed.

He had alleged in the Tahrir that on December 20, he had reached the Municipal Corporation to get some information, where he met Mayor Gaurav Goyal, it is alleged that the Mayor had taken Subodh Gupta to his room, where the Mayor had taken the lease. Rs 25 lakh was demanded for renewal and there was also a threat of not being renewed if the money was not paid The police have registered a case under section 385 of extortion against the accused Mayor Gaurav Goyal on the complaint of Subodh Gupta late at night and started the investigation of the case.