Pithoragarh: Two killed including two women, two injured in car collapsed


Lokjan Today: Pithoragarh Nearing a distance of about four km from the district headquarters, near Bhatududa, a Maruti 800 car was reversed and fell into a depth of 150 meters. Two people including a woman were killed in the accident.

Late night, the car number UK 05 B 3780 was coming to Pithoragarh by Jakh Marg. Nandan Singh resident of Ancholi was driving this car. Apart from his wife Bhagirathi Devi Devi, besides two other people of the village also sat
The driver lost control near Bhatududa near the town and the car fell to a depth of 150 meters deep. Ankoli Pithauragarh and wife Mukesh Singh (42 years old), resident of Bhagirathi Devi (46), resident in the car, died in the accident, Dhali Kawarban Pithoragarh Hal resident Ancholi died.

Driver Nandan Singh resident Ancholi and Sahas Ram (17 years old) son Lachhi Ram resident of Bahraich UP Hall resident Ancholi were injured. As soon as the surrounding people found the accident, they got involved in the rescue. The bodies were taken out from the ditch by the dead body of late night. The injured Nandan Singh was sent to the district hospital. At the same time, the second injured Sehas Ram has received minor injuries.

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