Sevadal workers fiercely protest in Luxor Kotwali


Lokjan Today: Tanuj Walia: Laksar: The workers of Sevdal under the leadership of the State Sevadal Pradesh State President Rajesh Rastogi felony in Luxor Kotwali.

The activists alleged that on 26th night the policemen of Sultanpur Police Chowk had unprovoked alley and assault on the service worker Shadab.

The complaint was made on April 27 but no action was taken by the superiors. As a result, workers went to Luxor Kotwali to disperse their anger against policemen today.
Rajesh Rastogi has alleged that the policemen of Laksar Kotwali refused to take their complaint. After this, in the matter of meeting with Mr. Rajan Singh, the grievance sheet is simplified.

The CO gave assurance of taking the case after examining the case.




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