Seven people, including two young women caught in a compromising condition from the room


The possibility of connected sex racket

Lokjan Today: Tanuuj Walia: – Rookie. 7 people, including two women, have been detained from a house near BSM Chowk on Dehradun highway. The issue is likely to be related to sex racket. The police are interrogating all.
On the Dehradun highway, there is a street in the middle of a shopping mall near BSM Chowk. On Thursday night at 10 a.m. Ganga Canal Police got information that some young men and women have gone to a house in this lane.

The matter may be related to the sex racket. On this information, the police raided the house. The police rushed to the spot after seeing the police. The policeman took custody of two young women and 5 youths from the spot. A crowd of people got caught in the street with the action of the police. The police have brought all these to Ganganagar Kotwali. The accused arrested are being questioned. The police have feared that the matter may be related to the sex racket. Objectionable goods have also been recovered from the house. Kotwali charge inspector Rajesh Shah told that the people arrested are being questioned, further action will be taken only after the questioning.

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