Shukla MLA gave a wish to the youth!


Rajiv Chawla / Lokjan Today/wish.

Wish: – Today is the golden day in the history of the witch, because in this backward area, admission to the online Model Degree College (Model State College) has started from today and the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Shri Trivandrum Singh Rawat and the Minister of Higher Education Model degree approved by Mr. Dhan Singh Rawat, ready for the


construction of the building in the Khurd land situated in the college wad. And would be operated temporarily college degrees in five classes Kichha market committee. Giving this information, MLA Rajesh Shukla said that the admission pressure on Rudrapur, Haldwani and Sitarganj degree colleges will be reduced when the degree college starts today and students of dozens of inter-college students of Kishan Shantipuri and Kicha rural (country) You will get an opportunity to study in one of your subjects and especially girls of rural areas whose parents are in Rudrapur or in front of them. The difficulty of sending the slogan was to solve it. MLA Rajesh Shukla said that this first model of Kumaon is Degree College and it will be operated by the state government and the construction will be done by the money given by the Government of India so that the government has got the release of about 13 crore rupees from the center. In the first phase, the arts faculty, the second in the commerce faculty and the third phase of the science faculty will be fully prepared in 3 years.


MLA Rajesh Shukla said that in the first phase of this college in March, 13 posts mandate number xxiv (7) / 2019-02 (go) 2017 was issued for the subject in which the Principal, Assistant Professor Hindi, Assistant Professor English, Assistant Professor Sociology, Assistant Professor History, and Assistant Professor Political Science and Assistant Professor Economics and Senior Assistant, Junior Assistant, Pus A total of 13 posts have been created for the school clerk, book lifter, collector, janitor. After the panel, the online admission to the classes started on yesterday. Mr. Shukla has congratulated all the students of class 12 in the area and requested them to apply online. The MLA Shukla said that those people who did not get the state high school in Kutch for the inter-college and the Chief Minister in the middle of the inter-college, and they are now making false promises of blocking the development of the welfare, by adding new achievements to those people This is the answer, because I believe in working on the ground instead of rhetoric in newspapers.


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