Super Exclusive: Bomb explodes in mobile at Haridwar


Super Exclusive ..

If you are a mobile consumer then it is very important for you to read this news. China’s OPPO company’s mobile phone maker making big claims about security regarding its mobile is no longer safe. We are saying that talking on the phone in Haridwar The timing of the Oppo brand f9 Pro suddenly burst out with a powerful explosion. It was this that there was no more damage to the person talking on the phone, although he had some Firoz, who lives in the Sarai area of ​​Jwalapur area, had bought this phone from Oppo 3 months ago at a mobile shop located at Ranipur Bunder, but on Monday evening when his sister was talking to someone on the phone This phone bursts with a loud bang

In this regard, when Oppo’s technical head Deepak Tomar, who sits in the Dehradun headquarters, when we wanted to talk to him, instead of just giving a direct answer, he said that he would check the phone and check for what he was cracking for. This statement from the official is clear how serious the customer is to the life of his client, but the customer has changed the phone, however, If the sufferer lost his life in this explosion, then who would be responsible for it, now the victim’s side is preparing to file a lawsuit in this case.

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