There was a lot of kick in between the locals and the Sikh pilgrims


Report By Kuldeep Rawat

 Srinagar: on the Rishikesh Badrinath Highway 58, there was a lot of kick in between the local people and the Sikh pilgrims. The atmosphere of tension prevailed on the highway. Actually, during the police operation, Hemkund Sahib’s journey went off between the passengers and the local people, after a slight tone. Seeing the swift, it turned into a melee. The passengers, who were trying to rescue the beach, also ransacked the passengers, after which the police operated the bicycle without a number plate. The incident is Monday when the police were invoicing the helmets and trampling without regular checking at NH-58. Meanwhile, the police stopped the pilgrims traveling towards Haridwar from Srinagar. All these Sikh pilgrims were in their motorcycle and scooter. Police invented the passengers who were riding on a bike with three riders. Later, the Sikh pilgrims stood on the same side and the other two-wheelers passing through there stopped the drivers and took them to the police and started conducting their invoices. Thereby the local people flared there and heard the Sikh pilgrims and in them. Which soon turned into an assault. As soon as the assault started, there was an atmosphere of a rift. The police should calm the case by defending the beach. Meanwhile, some Sikh pilgrims and local youths ran away. Kotwali Srinagar NS Bisht said that the passengers and the locals got reconciliation. None of the parties have been allowed to do so.


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