Two drunk youths riding a bike created a ruckus on the road, caught by the police


Lokjan Today: Dehradun Police stopped the two bike riders while checking the vehicle and asked them to show their papers and liquor and that the bike riders felt so bad that they started arguing and abusing police , after which the police took them to the police station.

The police of Dalanwala police station of Dehradun were checking the vehicle at the intersection of Jambha Balveer Road, when two men riding a bike, Sandeep Negi, son of Chandramohan Singh Negi, resident of village Kob Chauki Panthi Narayan Bagh Thana, Tharali aged 28 and second, Amit Singh Negi, son of Chandra Mohan Singh Negi, resident of Village Kob Chauki Panthi Narayan Bagh Police station, Tharali aged 21 years was stopped by the police for drunk driving and were demanded papers, both of which The youth rushed to the police and started abusing the police, while the police tried to convince the bike riders, but both the bike riders started abusing the police. They were taken to the police station and strict action was taken against them.
When the police tried to take the youngsters to the police station in their car, they resisted it with all their strength , they used the force and then again started abusing the police personnel.
On which police also used force to get the two youths into the vehicle and forcibly took them to the police station. A video of police forcing the youths into the police van went viral where both the youths are crying shouting in the video.

But the question here arises.

Shouldn’t the police should let people follow the rules of traffic.

Whether the police should take action against the youth who were driving the intoxicants.

Was it wrong for the police to break traffic rules and put their lives in jeopardy by stopping these youths from driving?

But yes, it is totally not appreciable by the police personnel who are behaved rudely to the journalists covering at the time of this incident.
Every journalist organization is protesting.

Updates: – In medical examination, it was clear that the bike rider was clean and was not intoxicated by bike rider, challans in 81 police act.

Lokjan Today: Dehradun. When the police arrested the two youth in suspicion of being drunk during the vehicle checking, the police conducted two medical tests on both the bike riders, then both of them proved to be sober in the medical examination,
i.e. both bike riders were not intoxicated
But in the matter of indulgence of the police, the Dalalwala police station invoked the two youth under the 81 Act

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