Watch video: Listen, Harish Rawat, I am Ranjit Rawat!

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Lokjan Today 
Even the biggest leaders do not know when the camel will sit in politics, and perhaps it does not happen at all as it is thought, see if you talk about Uttarakhand, in 2014, in Harish Rawat’s government, Ranjit Rawat used to play When Harish Rawat had the throne of Uttarakhand, there were only a few selected people who were facing Harish Rawat. See how fast the time changes, it is the same Harish Rawat who is the former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand and his disciple number one Ranjit Rawat, who opposes the most from Ramnagar seat… today the same screaming former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Harish Rawat It is believed to be the last election of Harish Rawat.

Right now we are telling you the video of the disciple in which Harish Rawat has been the biggest hand in making this disciple’s existence today, such disciples have played the biggest role in spoiling the situation of Harish Rawat who was out of power today. Those who understand closely, say that when the disciple had filled the goods, it was too late when the guru broke his sleep.

Here is Harish Rawat’s tweet for Ramnagar seat, which he has released after the release of the video, after that Ranjit Rawat i.e. disciple number one will also definitely watch that video…