A fierce fire broke out at Cantor


Lokjan Today : A sudden fire broke out at the Cantor, filled with canisters filled with refined oil canisters in Kashipur today. When the fire broke out in the shops and houses in the shops, millions of rupees were damaged, the fire brigade team reached the spot, with the help of the local people, the fire was overcome after a lot of hardships.

The incident is located in Mohali of Maheshpura in Kashipur, where there is a warehouse of wholesale seller shop of refined oil called Deen Dayal Kalagadh people. Late night in the warehouse, 300 canisters filled with almost refined oil in Cantor from Hapur in Uttar Pradesh, which had to be released early in the morning. Early morning 3: Around 30 o’clock, the cuckoo was burned by a driver in the Cantor’s cabin, the canet’s cushion caught fire. The driver, who tried to extinguish the blanket, but slowly the fire took a vivid look. On seeing the fire reached the highway going up from the top and people living in nearby shops and houses in the houses of flames barely brought the women and children living in the houses out of the houses and carried them to safer places. . A biker in the store equal to the Cantor was burnt to death, while the 10 pigeons were burnt alive and died. Overall the fire caused millions of Rupees to be lost.

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