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Need help …

Doing journalism in the mountains of the mountain is not only difficult, but life is also swinging in the midst of death. On August 18, the horrific water catastrophe in the Arakot area of ​​Uttarkashi took away everything from our journalist colleague Harish Chauhan, the prized video camera, the laptop went up to the deluge, not only that his wife, Mrs. Sapna Chauhan in class Tikocchi town till class 5 Udaan runs a public school, he too was devastated by the Holocaust. Not to think that there used to be a school here. Harish ji’s apple garden was also destroyed. There is no livelihood left today. I felt that I should share this incident among all of you, we all cannot compensate for the loss of Harish Bhai, but the pot fills with a drop. If all together help a little financially, then Harish Bhai’s livelihood can be started.

If I agree with this, then help should definitely come forward. Because when can this natural nature be treated badly with whom. Your small cooperation should prove to be a milestone at the beginning of Harishji’s life. With the hope that your cooperation will definitely be found. Help is helpful even if the amount of 1 rupee is correct, so whoever can help you, please help them.

If you want to help them

State Bank of India
Sbi Arakot IFSC- SBIN 0005450
HARISH CHAUHAN- 9410991761
A / c n. 30835273567

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