Uttarakhand Culture And Tradition – Religion, Traditional Dresses, Festivals Guide

Uttarakhand Culture And Tradition

Every person in this world is separated by the name of culture and tradition; this is happening from the very first centuries, which we can’t even predict. Though we are growing in this economy and technology, this culture and tradition are carried out by some people all across this world as their own life and breath. Even some people are suffering to save their oldest or growing tradition. Culture and tradition seem to be the identity of a specific group of people form others. As we all know, India is filled with more and more cultures and traditions in it. With that, we are going to talk about Uttarakhand culture and tradition.

People sitting outside Uttarakhand Temple
Pandit ji sitting outside a temple in Uttarakhand

You might think why are we considering the tradition of India because now we are going to see one of the oldest traditions of India, which is the tradition and culture of Uttarakhand. Why Uttarakhand? It’s not like we won’t be saying about the other tradition but in this article, we will see about the Uttarakhand culture and tradition because this is going to be your guide if you visit that place for any tour or a romantic moment with you loved once, or even you can visit places of Uttarakhand to make your regular life routine different because it also has many tourist places which will really impress you with its beauty of nature.

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Into Uttarakhand Tradition

Uttarakhand is the destination of rich traditions to explore the culture and tradition of India because it is filled with many colours, cultures, and natural beauty in it which will easily attract every single person towards it. Be careful it will also tempt you toward Uttarakhand after reading this article. We all know that it was a part of Uttar Pradesh and lately it was separated in the year 2000 which really gave them a separate identity for their culture and tradition. The people of Uttarakhand continuously pursue their rituals and religions all over the year. Though they seem simple and celebrate their festivals, simply those are culturally rich when compared with other festivals.

Uttarakhand traditional dress of women
Women in the traditional dress in Uttarakhand – Uttarakhand Culture And Tradition

We must have seen in most of our movies it may be Hindi or Tamil or any language movies those girls with Ghagra-choli with a Rangwali (veil) looks them beautiful and their beauty is even more heightened when they wore a big nose pin which is made of gold. Every day that you spend in Uttarakhand will make you feel like you are celebrating different festivals each day which will be even more exciting celebrating in their cultural dresses. They welcome all kind of season with each of their signified folk songs which welcome nature and agricultural period very blessed.

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What is Unique About Uttarakhand Tradition And Religion?

The major section of the peoples in Uttarakhand is Hindus. However, the state maintains a secular ambience with a significant number of people belonging to other faiths like Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Christianity, etc. So what makes Uttarakhand unique? It is the people with culture. The land of Uttarakhand is filled with people who have a huge talent in the field of art and other hand made products. Their products are so famous around the world when it comes to handicraft products. From the census of 2011, most of the people living in Uttarakhand are Hindus which is 82.7%. It looks like that state is majorly packed with Hindus. And nest comes Islam people is 13.95% and followed by Sikhism 2.34%, Christianity 0.237%, Buddhism 0.15%, and Jainism 0.095.

Handmade band Uttarakhand
Handicraft / Handmade band from Uttarakhand

Of course form the above data you must have predicted that it’s a state with many people of religion, though the larger part is of Hindus but they celebrate all the festivals from all the regions. The best of their work mostly comes from the woodwork, and even that is form the locals of Uttrakhand. I think this will help you know about the people in the Uttarakhand because you will, even more, enjoy your tour when you visit tourists places in Uttarakhand. With some basics knowledge about them already you will be prepared to enjoy your trip and also you can get sufficient cash for purchasing their wonderful woodwork, handicrafts, and other hand made products. You can make your home look stunning with that.

Culture of Uttarakhand

Among every other tradition, this Uttarakhand culture seems to be more different and interesting because they really follow every festival. Every day is something special for them and they would celebrate with their family even all the little happiness. The lifestyle of rural and people living in the city places makes a big difference because in the city there might be any changes in the traditional culture they follow, but in rural areas, villages they will follow the actual culture of people living in Uttarakhand. As we all know, Uttarakhand contains both hills and plains in it, the lifestyle of the people changes according to it. For sure that you will enjoy this because you can visit both the people who are living in the plain terrains and even in the hilly religion because both of them will have two different ways of following the culture of Uttarakhand.

Kumaoni women dancing Chanchari dance
Uttarakhand Kumaoni women dancing – Chanchari dance

It is known as ‘the Adobe of god’ because you will find lots of temples there which will certainly make you feel blessed and fulfilled. The fair and festival of them contain Kumaoni Holi, Herela, and Bhitauli which are one of the most famous. Uttarakhand is the best place for making your tour pleasant and wonderful. It will also make you learn something about a new culture in this world. I hope this was helpful for you to learn something about the culture and tradition of Uttrakhand.

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